What is club volleyball? When does the season begin and end?

Junior volleyball is a nationwide program of USA Volleyball. Junior club volleyball offers participants extended training and competition at various levels beyond school programs. Club Volleyball is not for everyone. With our rosters containing up to 10 or 11 players it is obvious that each player is not going to be able to play at all times. Be skeptical of any club that claims guaranteed playing time. What you are “paying” for in a club volleyball is the weekly training, tournament playing time is a bonus. Tryouts are in late October or early November with tournaments starting in January and ending in late April. Depending on the nature of the team, some teams may choose to play post April.

Is it necessary to join the Carolina Region for tryouts?

Yes, Region membership is required. It provides us with insurance coverage and also has a secondary medical insurance benefit for the member. Players not already Region members may join as a one event member for tryouts ($5) and later upgrade to full  membership if they are selected for a team.

What is the player/family commitment level? And what about playing time?

We expect all players to commit to the full schedule of practices and tournaments. During the winter sports seasons, sometimes there are occasional school conflicts and family issues also are considered. But absences can and will impact playing time. The higher the level of team, the more commitment is expected. Sometimes positions determine how much each player can play, for instance front row or back row. At the younger age groups, coaches are encouraged to give all players a chance to play different positions and roles.

How many teams usually are in a particular age group?

That will depend on the numbers trying out for each age group and our overall availability of coaches and facilities.

What is the Tournament Schedule?

Tournaments are every other weekend beginning in January.  Region tournament teams will travel within NC to tournaments in the Western half of the state. Regional plus will play within NC but may not attend all regional tournaments.   

How do I pay for my daughter’s participation?

Payment plan information will be available at the beginning of tryouts; however a down payment of at least 50% will be required. Club membership fees may be paid using cash or check. The fees include: uniform (jersey & spandex), tournament fees, team registration fee, coaching, equipment and facility fees.  There will also be a fund raiser held that is mandatory but not limited, therefore it is possible to raise enough money to pay for your daughters entire season.

Where will practices be held? How many practices a week?

Practices will be held at Starmount High School at this time. Forbush High School may be used in the future (we are waiting on confirmation from AD). Practices will be held on Sunday afternoons between the hours of 1pm-6pm. Practices may or may not be held the Sunday after a Saturday tournament, but that will be up to each individual team. The more advanced a team, the more practices there may be.

How many out-of-state tournaments are entered?

There will be Regional and Regional Plus teams. Regional teams will participate in all region tournaments and then one non regional tournament. Regional Plus will attend regional tournaments with two non regional large team tournaments. Regional Plus teams will have a schedule tentatively decided before tryouts with all fees included and players/family will have some input when teams are formed. YVVC fees do not include travel to and from events or food and housing at the events.

Who are the coaches at YVVC?

Coaches range from area high school and middle school coaches, to current college players, to club coaches who have been
former players in either college or adult play. All have been certified by the USA Volleyball IMPACT (Increased Mastery and Professional Application of Coaching Theory) course and have taken advanced coaching training. All coaches are background screened by USA Volleyball.  

Are the coaches committed to be at all practices and tournaments for the entire season?

Yes. Some coaches have other commitments that they will be excused for and High School coaches must observe the NC Athletic Association’s dead periods.

 Will there be any position and skills clinics during the season in addition to the regular team practices?

Yes, and dates will be made available in the near future.

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